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Sometimes you're just not sure.


You've looked at what seems like a thousand houses and still can't decide. Which one has potential? Which one will work for your family? Which will be the least expensive to renovate?

You've fallen in love. But it's a bit older. And what's that funky smell in the basement? And oh, the kitchen is a disaster. But it's in the perfect location.

You think you've found the perfect house, but can you really add a guest house or a separate apartment? The realtor says you can, but what about those cattails and the frog pond next to the kitchen door? And where is the property line exactly? Septic? Did they say septic???

Or perhaps you've already signed on the dotted line. And now you're wondering just how you are ever going to make dinner for 12 in a kitchen designed for two. And what were the previous owners thinking? That platform bathtub has just got to go! 

Sometimes a little professional help is just the thing.

I can help you determine which house has the most potential and whether the Zoning regulations and restrictions that are in place will allow you to realize that potential. I can help you figure out whether you can afford to add a new kitchen or whether you really need to replace the HVAC system and rewire the entire house first. 

A consult can be as simple as a walk and talk or can be more in depth and include zoning, planning and site research. I can help to evaluate sites and assist with site planning. If you already own your home I can help you to prioritize projects and can often make suggestions for improvement that are low cost but high impact. Sometimes moving the sofa is all you need.

Call for more info. There's never any obligation and I'm happy to chat.

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