I'm a residential designer

and I like nothing better than

making something out of nothing

turning a sow's ear into a silk purse

turning a tear-down into a family home



Coming the long way 'round to the home design business, I've now been at it for more than twenty years. Though new homes are always a treat, finding the good bones in a house that no one thought was worth the trouble is one of the most rewarding activities I can imagine. Turning the despair of boxy rooms, bad layout, bad plumbing and worse wiring into a family home to be proud of requires persistence, patience and the willlingness to think around corners.


Creativity is a given.


Consulting and Evaluation


Thinking of buying a home and not sure whether it's right for you?

A pre-purchase consult can inform you of potential pitfalls - and potential opportunities



Offering a full range of services including:

Site evaluation

Permitting and Zoning 

Schematic Design

Construction Documents

Getting it Built


I can help with contractor selection, contract review and negotiation and construction oversight






9 Stoney Hill Lane

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

314 S Reading Road

Cavendish, VT 05153



p 802 226 7027

p 508 696 0049

c 774 563 0713


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Years of memories were stored in this tired old beach house. Untouched since the 60's it now needed to serve not one, but two extended families.

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